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I’ve been a DJ since age 16, and I’m ::mumbleinmylatethirtiesmumble:: now, so I’ve got more than enough experience for even the pickiest guests at your wedding. Whether Grandma provides a vague description of that one song she heard and liked in 1952, or a guest yells, “I’m gonna f*ck you up!” but is actually requesting ‘Uptown Funk’ (yes, that’s happened), I’ll keep them happy.

If you want me to pretend I’m taking requests but only play the songs we’ve discussed, no problem — and if you want me to keep the party going, regardless of the specific song titles chosen, even better.

I have endless tricks up my sleeve, having entertained at 1000+ weddings, and I’ll use each and every one of them to keep your party going and your dance floor packed all night long. Of course, I solemnly swear to avoid being that cheesy nutjob who overtakes the party and makes everyone roll their eyes at how cool I’m not.

I’d be thrilled to provide sound and lighting for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and/or afterparty.  My rates start at $1295, and we can discuss all the details in person when you reach out for a meeting!

Get on my calendar by e-mailing me at, calling or texting me at 610-470-6735, or filling out the contact form below.

And again, though I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times, congratulations on your engagement. (Do you ever get tired of hearing that, really?)