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Oh, hi. I know you.

You’re the author of your own wedding day celebration, not just going with the “whatever you want” flow. You don’t have an uptight bone in your body, and you’ll be damned if elegance and obligations come before great music, a good party, and laughing long into the night.

If I’m guessing correctly, you’ll be the last one off the dance floor. You’re also smart. Nerd-smart, and okay with that title. You read, you enjoy watching movies, and you know good music when you hear it. (Luckily, you don’t have to possess a systematic knowledge of every title to every great song ever released. That’s my job.

How do you see your event going, and how can I help make it happen?

Hit me up: 610-470-6735. (6735 spells “MRDJ” on the phone keys. I tried to get “HEY-MRDJ”, but that’s Pfizer’s number.)

I’m now accepting 2017 bookings.